About Us – The Backstory

The MyKids Unite Team and their Adventures are inspired by Florentina, a quirky cool savant artist with special needs who found her voice through art and music.

When Florentina was 6 years old, she started to call her classmates “My Kids”. She wanted to belong, be accepted for who she is and have friends, so she created her own friends.

Florentina was born on a train in Romania and lived her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage. During her life, Florentina endured heart-breaking mistreatment by teachers and school staff and continues to overcome discrimination within community. She does this through being true to who she is while bringing people together through her art and MyKids Unite Team and Friends!

Florentina’s “MyKids Friends” represent we are All Deserving of Friends and the Freedoms to Live, Love and Create in Peace and Musical Harmony with One Another without Facing Discrimination or Worse.

All non-business inquiriesinfo@mykidsunite.com

Licensing and Business Inquiries please contact Andrea M Clarke – info@1663MediaArts.com

PrintMay 2019 – We are actively entertaining National and International Licensing Opportunities and Limited Partnerships in the following arenas: Apparel Favs, Hats, Geek & Tech, Gifts, Eco-Friendly, Back-to-School Gear, Cool Bags & Lunch Boxes, Baby & Kids, Home,  Toys, Soft Loveable Huggable Dolls, Children’s Illustrated Books, MyKids Unite Cartoon Show, Publishing and Mobile Device Game/Apps! 

Character Categories across a number of genres and demographics: Abstract, Black & White, Sports – Basketball, Baseball, Football and Ice Hockey, Animals, Fruit & Veggie People, Music related, Race cars, Trucks, ABC’s, Dozens of Original MyKids Characters and Worlds and MyKids Unite Team to include the Infamous Stripes the Zebra!

*We do not accept unsolicited creative materials to include but not limited to storylines, character ideas or scripts. Any materials sent to us will not be opened and deleted.*