Peace starts within

Imagine Peace.

It all starts within you, and me.

Some times the darkness shows you the light.

Fear is a massive driver of knee jerk reaction, discrimination, hate, retaliation, war, loss of civil liberties and human rights violations.

Peace isn’t about the other person, or us verses them.

Peace starts within you and me.

Unplug from hysteria baiting news and all negative influences.

Quiet your mind and listen to your heart, your gut.

Life is meant to be carefree and happy, lived with childlike wonder and joy.

Shift the energies within and aroNasdaq Times Square MKU Billboardund you.

Be true to who you are and what really matters in life.

Watch what happens.

 We are the 99%!

 You’ve Got This!

Love, Andrea M Clarke

Producer, Writer for MyKids Unite

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